NBRI Overview

The National Business Research Institute (NBRI) has conducted scientific, psychological research for thousands of organizations, including a majority of the Fortune 500 companies, since its inaugural study of Frito-Lay in 1982.

NBRI OverviewSince then, NBRI has partnered with such notable and diverse firms as Electronic Data Systems (EDS) / Hewlett Packard (HP), CompUSA / Tiger Direct, Texas Utilities (TXU), John Deere, and thousands more to accurately assess the complex psychological issues of their Customers, Employees, and Markets, and take specific steps to improve engagement and loyalty.

NBRI is a firm of more than 30 Ph.D. Organizational Psychologists and 300 employees with extensive training and experience in the business application of psychological research.  At over $120 million in annual revenues and more than 3.5 billion individual scores in our Benchmarking Database, NBRI is indeed a Global Leader in Scientific Survey Research.