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How to Conduct a SurveyWe’ve been conducting research for businesses for over 30 years. From employee engagement surveys to market research, NBRI has covered every inch of the survey data spectrum. As you can imagine, we’ve compiled a lot of benchmarking data and derived a lot of knowledge from it. Our motto is Research for Knowledge, Knowledge for Power, and what better way to empower than to share what we’ve learned?

Available to you now is our e-book, How to Conduct a Survey. Inside you’ll find many of the tips and insights researchers use to elicit the most useful responses during surveys. Sure, you can create a simple survey yourself, but it’s much more difficult to create questions guaranteed to provide clear and actionable responses. At NBRI, we have teams of organizational psychologists and professional research consultants who design targeted questions for psychological research. Don’t let that phrase overwhelm you, it’s still surveying. But, our scientific approach to surveying gives you answers that allow measurement of attributes such as “attitude” and “belief.”

A few of the other topics covered in the e-book include:
• Confidence Levels
• Mean Scores
• Descriptive Statistics

They say you can’t put a price on knowledge – so we didn’t! To download our free e-book, follow the link below. Crammed inside are quizzes, research, tables, and much more. How to Conduct a Survey is a great primer for any business that is contemplating scientific survey research. Download it today.