The Importance of Employee Engagement – Infographic

Employee Engagement At NBRI, we talk a lot about employee engagement. It’s a vital element of a successful and productive workplace, and should be considered on an employee level, as well as managerial, and even executive.

We can talk about employee engagement all day, but we decided we’d rather show you.

After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

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The Importance of Employee Engagement Infographic

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One Response to “The Importance of Employee Engagement – Infographic”

  1. Kevin Kruse says:

    Thanks for a great post. One finding I found most interesting was that Trust in higher level execs matters more than trust in direct boss (usually I found engagement is driven primarily by direct supervisor). I often say “trust” isn’t just about ethics, it’s about “trusting” the future. We need the C-level leaders to paint a clear and easy to remember picture of the brighter future. Coca-Cola has 2020 Vision to represent doubling revenues by 2020 for example. Maybe this confidence/trust in the future is behind what your research found to be true. Thanks again.

    Kevin Kruse
    Author, Employee Engagement 2.0

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