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Customer Loss Review: A survey designed to allow organizations to learn why customers stop doing business with them and discover what to do to prevent additional losses.
Customer Loss Review Surveys

NBRI’s Customer Loss Review program collects and analyzes data from lost customers to identify common characteristics of the population, and gives you the tools to win them back!  Data is collected on:

NBRI asks the right questions to get to the root causes of customer behavior, and identifies the action plans you need to implement to recover the business.  With these specialized customer surveys, NBRI empowers your organization to make the leap from decline to growth.

All NBRI Customer Surveys may be coupled with NBRI’s Service Recovery Monitor through which high-risk customers’ contact information and survey responses are provided to designated client personnel for immediate follow-up.

Customer Loss Review Survey Case Study

A national chain of entertainment properties employed NBRI to study the psychological constructs of its customer base. Revenues had been steadily declining over the previous 18 months, although new customers were being added on a steady basis.

NBRI recommended the use of its standard customer loss review survey. It was believed that surveying former customers would provide more pointed data than might be obtained from present customers. The survey was deployed by telephone to a small, stratified, random sample of customers, and a 99% Confidence Level was obtained.

NBRI’s ClearPath Analytics provided keen insight into the thinking of the target population. The root cause driving down customer’s intent to return, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction, along with 68% of all survey items, was “wait time”. Clearly, wait time was of utmost importance and needed to be minimized in every area of the business affecting the customer.

Following NBRI recommendations, swift interventions to the root cause were put into place. Within only 3 months following the analysis of the customer survey results, the scores of all items driven by the root cause were performing as Strengths, at or above the 75th percentile of the NBRI Benchmarking Database. This directly, positively impacted revenues, and reversed the trend of the previous months.

The Standard NBRI Customer Loss Review Survey includes 25 questions covering 12 topics, requiring less than 5 minutes to complete, and is customized to achieve each organization’s specific goals for their study.

Standard Customer Loss Review Survey Topics

Communications Company Image Competitive Position
Control Systems Cost & Value Products
Professional Conduct Quality Sales Assistance
Services Warranties Website

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