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Hospital Survey: A survey or surveys designed to evaluate hospital image and behavior as they relate to patients, employees, and physicians.
Hospital Surveys

NBRI’s Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Physician Satisfaction Surveys, and Hospital Employee Surveys provide insight into the complex, psychological factors affecting many key areas of operation, including but not limited to:

NBRI identifies the organization’s strengths and weaknesses based on hard data from each population, rather than a handful of highly-vocal employees or patients.  In addition, NBRI’s ClearPath Analytics provide critical insight into the factors affecting the patient experience, and NBRI’s ClearPath Action provides the actions needed to improve the root causes of financial performance: patient satisfaction and intent to recommend.

A West Coast Hospital with over 1,800 employees contacted NBRI for assistance in assessing the thinking of its employees. Being a leading healthcare provider, the client understands the importance of routinely evaluating the psychological health of its employee base. In addition, it is a well-known fact that hospital employee surveys are a best practice of global leaders.

The NBRI standard hospital employee survey was deployed by paper over a two-week period in order to cover all shifts, as well as weekend and weekday employees. Job title was another important demographic segregation of the data. A 93% response rate provided preliminary indications of an involved and committed workforce.

NBRI ClearPath Analytics identified a forbearing management style at work within the Hospital as the driver of 48% of all survey items. This single root cause was driving employees to be forthcoming about reporting patient errors, which in turn lowered employee stress and organizational liability, and enabled management to take corrective systemic action and reduce the number of errors made.

NBRI recommendations to leverage this positive finding were followed, resulting in increased scores of the root cause as well as all items driven by it within one year of the initial assessment. Indeed, when asked if employees would recommend the Hospital to family and friends for healthcare, the scores were above the 90th percentile for all job titles at the second assessment, an increase of over 15 benchmarking percentiles.

Patient and Physician Survey Topics

Bedside Manner Communications Competitive Position Control Systems
Creativity Customer Service Ethics Health Care Delivery
Health Care Products Health Care Quality Health Care Services Hospital Behavior
Hospital Image Invoicing & Statements Job Training Patient Loyalty
Physician Loyalty Pricing Professional Conduct Project Management
Quality Staff Behavior Teamwork Technology
Values Vision

Are You Engaged? – You or someone you know goes to work, they get through the day and pick up their check, but they fail to feel connected to their work and to the organization in which they work. Sound familiar? The business diagnosis for this malady is low employee engagement.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys Should Focus on Meaningful Information – In today’s highly competitive market, tracking patient satisfaction levels is absolutely critical to practice success. The patient satisfaction survey is an increasingly essential and useful tracking tool. Meaningful customer satisfaction surveys designed for a patient target a variety of operational issues ranging from wait time to physician style and demeanor.

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The NBRI Project Manager is a pleasure to work with. She is always helpful, timely, and very patient - especially regarding last minute changes/additions. NBRI is very professional, efficient, and provides friendly service. When I call or email with questions, they are always answered promptly.Lin Keach
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The NBRI survey results are very valuable to our organization.Phyllis Hill
Baylor Health Care System

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