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Market Research: A key factor in gaining advantage over competitors. Market research gathers important information that is used to identify and analyze market need, market size, and competition.
Market Research Surveys

NBRI’s Market Research Surveys provide the information needed to make informed decisions about the product or service that you want to bring to market, including but not limited to:

This powerful information dramatically increases success rates by providing hard data on which to make informed decisions, rather than basing costly business decisions on theories or assumptions.

A large nationally known farming equipment manufacturer who had engaged NBRI for over a decade to conduct their employee and customer surveys wanted to know if they could leverage their brand image to related products that were manufactured by other suppliers. Could they buy and then resell these products at a premium? Would consumers equate brand trust and their existing support infrastructure with higher value? If so, how much higher value?

NBRI recommended its Standard Market Research Survey, customized for the Client. The Client also chose to benchmark their survey results against the NBRI Benchmarking Database. The survey was deployed world-wide in 10 languages via an online methodology. Enough responses were collected to insure a 99% confidence level in the results. NBRI psychologists and statisticians then benchmarked, analyzed, and reported on the research study.

The results of the study indicated that the Client could leverage the trust of their brand and their existing support infrastructure to resell other products at a significant premium. But, that this marketing strategy would only be effective in the United States. Per NBRI recommendations, the Client scratched their world-wide marketing plan, concentrated only on the United States and the revenue began to flow. The Client’s new marketing plan was successful and potentially poor financial results in the rest of the world were avoided.

Standard Market Research Survey Topics

Advertising Brand Awareness Brand Image
Competition Distribution Packaging
Price Point Product Features Target Market

Questionnaire Context, Order, and Meaning – When designing questionnaires, the order of items on the questionnaire creates a context, or meaning, for the entire questionnaire.  Items placed early on in the questionnaire effect the way in which people respond to later questions.

Please You, Please Me – Most of us like to be liked.  We tend to present ourselves in a favorable light; we do not like to appear ill-informed or ill-prepared.  So, when we are asked to participate in an online questionnaire, we are eager to please, to provide useful information.

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Appropriate amount of follow-up. Hands-on approach when needed. Steps are well thought out and the process runs very smoothly.Kristi Madison
Chemical Market Associates

The people are friendly and responsive, always very professional.Craig Walford

What do you like most about NBRI? I like the Step by Step guide throughout the process.Karen Harper
Latham Time

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  • Market Research Surveys

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