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Political Research: Gathering information about voter opinions and intentions, primarily through straw polls, which is a non-binding voting process.
Political Surveys

NBRI’s Political Research Surveys provide Civic Leaders, from Townships to the Federal Government, with cost-effective assessments of public opinion and voters’ intent to support. Hard data is collected from representative samples of targeted demographic groups, giving leaders the insight to accurately represent their constituents’ wishes, rather than being persuaded by handfuls of highly-vocal people.

NBRI provides deep discounts to Elected Officials to support them in obtaining the information they need to best represent their voters. Hard data and targeted insights are typically used for:

A State legislator was trying to decide whether or not to run for Congress, and wanted to ‘test the waters’ before investing huge amounts of time and money into a campaign.  He contacted NBRI to conduct a political research study.

The study showed that 47% of men and 28% of women in the State knew him.  Of those, 57% and 78%, respectively, said they would vote for him.  This meant that he could anticipate 27% of the male vote, and 22% of the female vote, if the election were held that day.  With an estimated 49% of the vote, he decided to run, but he had work to do, and he needed to maximize his resources.

Armed with hard data, the candidate focused on reaching those who did not know him, and speaking to women’s issues.  NBRI conducted pulse studies at 3 months and 6 months after campaign launch, and at 6 months, the data showed that 89% of men and 92% of women knew of the candidate, and that 68% and 75%, respectively, would vote for him.  The candidate had achieved a majority of 65% of the vote going into the election by being guided by hard data.

The candidate easily won the election with 63% of the vote, well within the 3% margin of error of the NBRI data.  The NBRI Political Research answered important questions for this candidate: should he run, what levels of confidence should he have at various points in time, and who and what should be the foci of his resources and campaign at each of those points in time.

Standard Political Research Survey Topics

Civic Engagement Consumer Behavior Economic Issues
Family Life Foreign Affairs Political Events
Political Process Public Policy Role of Government
Social Issues Work Life

Questionnaire Context, Order, and Meaning – When designing questionnaires, the order of items on the creates a context, or meaning, for the entire questionnaire.  Items placed early on in the questionnaire effect the way in which people respond to later questions.

When It Comes to Surveys, Hold the Phone – When CNN wants to gauge the president’s latest approval rating or a politician wants to check in on their poll numbers, they both turn to the same device – the telephone.

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