NBRI History

NBRI History

The survey research industry was made possible by a major discovery.

While conducting interviews of employees and customers over three decades ago, NBRI organizational psychologists discovered recurring themes which are universal across all companies, whether they are in manufacturing, retail, finance, agriculture, or any other industry.  Today, these dynamics are simply called “topics,” and they include management style, communications, culture, satisfaction, engagement, etc. for employees or friendliness, helpfulness, wait time, satisfaction, intent to recommend or return, etc. for customers.

This put NBRI in a unique position to write survey questions to assess specific attributes of each topic, and today, these standardized survey questions have been tested on millions of people, and are used worldwide in employee and customer research.  Today, the principles of scientific, psychological research that led to these discoveries and the founding of our industry are called ClearPath Research.

Once organizations began using the same topics and questions, NBRI became the first research organization with the ability to benchmark each client’s employee and customer performance against their industry, another essential innovation for the survey research industry. To date, over 10.5 billion individual scores make up ClearPath Benchmarking, segregated by survey question, and each survey question segregated by virtually every vertical market.

Two decades ago, NBRI clients began asking us what they should do with their data.  Clearly, their management teams could consider the low-scoring items, debate and defend which should be addressed, consider the costs associated with each, and hope to select the ones that would result in the greatest amount of improvement in the shortest amount of time, but that took months while the data aged and rarely worked without employee support.  So NBRI organizational psychologists and statisticians developed the Root Cause Analysis, which today uses managed machine learning and is called ClearPath Analytics, and coupled with ClearPath Action, created what is today a Best Practice Process for responding to survey data and maximizing returns on investments.

The proud, rich history of NBRI is reflected in our Clients’ satisfaction, willingness to recommend us, and intent to return to NBRI.