NBRI Announces launch of Innovative Survey Software Platform

The National Business Research Institute (“NBRI”), one of the most respected survey research firms in the world, unveiled Survey Software Online, an innovative online survey creation system. Survey Software Online, or SSO, went live on April 2nd and is designed to allow small to mid-sized businesses to create, deploy, and analyze customer and employee surveys in-house.

Survey Software Online can be used to quickly and easily conduct a full-scale survey and provide the reporting and analysis required to “read the minds” of employees and customers.

Advertising and consulting budgets are always tight. However, the need for good communication between a business and its clientele, or a business and its employees is always important. Survey Software Online provides the conduit that enables businesses to scientifically measure the needs and wants of their customers or employees quickly and easily, so that needed changes can be implemented, and financial performance improved.

SSO is a complete web based user interface and communication platform that enables business professionals to effectively create, deploy, and report results.

SSO services range from a free Basic account to a full-featured Premium account, which allows up to 2,500 survey respondents per annum, complete with clustered demographic groups and exportable reports. The Premium account also accommodates multiple users within a single organization, allowing individual surveys to be conducted within separate divisions.

Ken West, President of NBRI reported: “We see small and mid-sized businesses every day that recognize the need for employee and customer survey research, but have no budget to conduct it.” He added, “We have created a solution which allows us to assist these businesses. Survey Software Online offers survey questions and processes created by our Organizational Psychologists, employing industry best practices, and at very competitive rates.”

About Survey Software Online:

Survey Software Online was launched April 2, 2009. SSO offers online creation, deployment, and reporting of customer and employee surveys as well as political and market research.

For more information, please visit http://www.SurveySoftwareOnline.com

About NBRI:

NBRI specializes in psychological research for business, commonly referred to as employee surveys and customer surveys. Project Leaders possess Ph.D. degrees in psychological research, and have assisted thousands of firms around the world since 1982. Clients are able to confidently implement action plans that provide the greatest amount of improvement with the least amount of time and manpower. NBRI’s founder and CEO, Dr. Jan Stringer, Ph.D. is a thought leader in the field of Organizational Psychology.

Visit NBRI at www.nbrii.com