NBRI Celebrates 30 Years of Applied Research

party_hats_1 The National Business Research Institute is celebrating 30 years of customer and employee survey research and analysis. December 1 marks the day in 1982 when Dr. Jan West began the process of identifying the employee and customer research issues that are universal to all organizations. And subsequently wrote the first set of standardized survey research questions through which organizations could share data anonymously.

These survey questions became known as NBRItems and became the first foundation of the Survey Research Industry based on NBRI’s empirical research. This enables NBRI to offer customized research solutions to clients while maintaining standardization across organizations: a first in the survey research industry.

Next, a method was needed to allow NBRI clients to objectively compare their survey results against other organizations, without sharing private information. The second foundation of the Survey Research Industry was laid, one that is also based on NBRI’s empirical research. NBRI Norms, or Benchmarking Data, represent ‘real world’ scores for any given survey question, against which NBRI Clients can compare their scores in order to assess strengths and weaknesses.

NBRI began amassing what has now become the largest and highest quality database of customer and employee benchmarking data in the world. NBRI has collected responses to survey questions from thousands of organizations and millions of people. NBRI Clients are able to objectively compare the performance of their organization to the performance of like organizations with complete anonymity: another first in the survey research industry.

Finally, NBRI began providing its Clients with a way to take meaningful action on their survey data that would result in the greatest gains in organizational performance. The Root Cause Analysis was born, another first in survey research, which has become the third foundation of the Survey Research Industry, and one that is also based on NBRI’s empirical research. NBRI successfully invented a technique to mathematically and psychologically analyze data that drives organizational performance. The action plans are delivered by a team of over thirty project leaders with years of experience in survey research and Ph.D. degrees in Organizational Psychology. When the prescribed action plans are executed, significant financial improvements are realized by NBRI Clients that more than pay for the underlying research.

Dr. West envisions great things for the next 30 years, including a launches of new research services to allow future clients to design and conduct surveys launched directly from the server clusters in one of NBRI’s datacenters.