Welcome to Our New Article Series on Survey Research!

Previously I wrote a series on “conducting surveys”. This series was written from the point of view of an absolute neophyte in the survey research industry. Everything that I have learned since then has been from Organizational Psychologists and experts in related fields; experts such as Dr. Jan Stringer, Dr. Ken West, and Dr. Terrie Nolinske.

Today I am happy to announce that we are starting a new article series, this time written by Dr. Nolinske. We will be featuring a new article every Friday. Dr. Nolinske’s articles will describe the benefits and pitfalls of conducting your customer or employee survey using a 3rd party vendor versus outsourcing. I am confident that you will find her postings extremely entertaining and very informative.

We welcome your comments and questions and hope you enjoy the article series. Suggestions for future series’ are also welcome.