What is the best deployment method for conducting an employee engagement survey?

The best deployment method for an employee engagement survey varies depending on several factors, including the location and demographics of the employees, the available budget, and the employees’ access to the Internet.

Mail is an expensive and time-consuming way to conduct a survey because of the labor involved. Typical responses to mail surveys run 50 percent or less for employee surveys. This may be the only viable choice if employees do not have access to the Internet or if there are language or other communication issues.

Telephone is an option for employee engagement surveys, but this is an expensive survey method and can present problems across multiple time zones or if employees speak different languages.

In-person surveys have the best response rate, but they are very expensive and time consuming to conduct.

The Internet offers a balanced combination of low cost and high response rates. Typically, you can expect a 75-80 percent response rate for employee surveys. It is important to assure employees that their responses are anonymous and confidential to prevent skewed results.

Regardless of the deployment methodology you choose, it is important to conduct an employee engagement survey at regular intervals.