How can an employee survey help me gauge the strength of our company culture?

An employee survey is an important indicator of employee engagement and loyalty, a couple of the many factors at play in company culture. As such, it provides insight into potential employee turnover and the ability to attract top employee candidates through recommendations from existing employees.

Company culture effects productivity and output. A toxic culture leads to low productivity, frequent errors, and low engagement with customers and peers, directly impacting the bottom line. Companies frequently see an increase in customer satisfaction, innovation, and product quality when they take the right steps to improve their company culture.

Company culture is a complex topic to interpret correctly because it is affected by so many factors. For example, employees may not cite organizational issues or poor supervision as top reasons for company culture issues, but these factors may be the root cause of a more clearly expressed dissatisfaction with benefits, compensation, work/life balance, and working relationships. Only a properly designed and interpreted employee survey can provide insight into the complex interplay of factors at work in company culture.