What are the different types of employee surveys?

You can administer an employee survey on paper, online, in person, or by telephone. Paper surveys are less popular than they once were because of the advent of online surveys and also because of the labor-intensive process required to scan the survey forms and transcribe any comments.

Telephone and in-person surveys are expensive and labor intensive, but they have a very high response rate. These methods may be best if the population size for the employee survey is very small making it very difficult to reach a representative sample.

Online surveys are very popular because of the ease of deployment and their low cost. Plus, online employee surveys usually enjoy a response rate of 75-80 percent or more. Many people use free or low-cost online survey tools to conduct surveys, but without experience in proper survey design, industrial benchmarking, and assistance in interpreting and acting upon the results they may not mean much.

Experience and specific training are required to know how to design and execute an effective survey that produces actionable results. Psychological training is also extremely beneficial in interpreting the results of an employee survey.