What are the essentials of an effective employee engagement survey?

There are six essential elements of an effective employee engagement survey.

  1. Designing the questionnaire. This step is crucial to ensure that the questions don’t produce a biased response and that the scale elicits an opinion. Most surveys are doomed to produce flawed information because of errors in questionnaire design.
  2. Next, decide on a deployment method. You can conduct an effective survey using the internet, telephone, mail, or in-person interviews. The best choice depends on the characteristics of your population.
  3. Ensure you have valid data by calculating confidence levels and sampling error during survey deployment. You must gather enough responses for the survey results to be truly representative of the population under study.
  4. When reporting the results, calculate mean scores, rather than percentages, and provide industry benchmarks to aid in interpretation.
  5. Accurate interpretation is critical to ensure that the employee engagement survey results in insight that makes a positive difference in the performance of your business.
  6. Take targeted action to resolve identified issues.

An employee engagement survey that skips any of these steps will provide inaccurate results. Read our free e-book on how to conduct a survey for more detail on the essential elements of a survey.