What does a good customer survey look like?

A good, well-designed customer survey allows organizations to compare themselves against others and understand the items that have the greatest influence on customer experience.

One of the most important things a customer survey should have is the capability to compare your organization with your competitors:  Are our customers happier with our products than our competitor’s products?  Compared to other companies, how responsive are we?  Understanding your performance can give you a solid frame of reference for improvement initiatives.

A customer survey should assess both causal (and independent) variables like specific elements of the customer experience, and big picture (or dependent) variables, like overall satisfaction or willingness to recommend the company to others. Developing a survey that has an appropriate mix of these questions allows you to understand what issues have the greatest impact on customer experience, and what areas need to be targeted to ensure maximum improvement.

A customer survey is your opportunity to find out if customers would respond well to a new product/service offering.  If you have internal service standards, you will be able to determine if you are meeting those standards. A good customer survey will be able to provide answers to these questions and many more.