What are the main issues I should consider when developing a guest survey?

When developing a guest survey, consider what deployment methods will allow you to quickly collect guest opinions. Response time is critical to ensure repeat or return business. If guests are unhappy with their stay or their experience at any point in the trip, it is highly likely they will not return or share their negative experience with others. Ultimately, this means the ability to engage in service recovery is particularly critical. For this reason, data should be collected while the guest is still on premises.

A second element to consider is confidentiality. If, for example, a guest has a particularly unpleasant experience with an employee at the front desk, can they be confident that same employee will not handle their complaint?  Giving guests the confidence their comments and/or complaints will be addressed appropriately is paramount. Having a trusted and dedicated manager on standby to oversee the guest survey could be one way of building that confidence, or perhaps using an external vendor to manage the data to give clients extra confidence.

These considerations can shape the way data is collected. An online survey is a low cost, convenient, and discreet way of collecting feedback from guests.