Are there best practices in survey research?

Feedback from customers and employees entails the accurate measurement, analysis, and reporting of human thinking:  those often messy and mysterious psychological constructs of attitude, opinion, and belief that cause human behavior. As such, customer surveys, employee surveys, and market research must first and foremost be recognized as scientific, psychological research. When the principles of scientific discovery are applied to surveys, the path becomes clear:  the result is changed thinking that changes behavior!

To achieve changes in behavior from survey research, it is important to utilize an expert in psychological research that employs these best practices to give you a comprehensive view of your organization:

  • Scientific psychological research is essential for obtaining the highest quality methods, principles, and data.
  • Benchmarking to know exactly where you stand across departments, business units, and your industry.
  • Analysis to provide clear, concise marching orders. These are the drivers that will result in the greatest, most immediate improvement for your organization without guesswork, without debate.
  • Taking action on pure, hard facts improves the employee-customer continuum of engagement and loyalty, and increases your financial performance.
  • Creating synergy by utilizing one vendor for all of your research needs including employee, customer, and market research. With one vendor, each feedback system is created, deployed, analyzed, and acted upon in concert with all others, providing a clear path to managing your organizational performance!
  • Every organization’s primary battle is to win the hearts and minds of its customers. The more customers return to an organization, the more they spend, and the higher the financial performance of that organization. Employees’ loyalty and enthusiasm for the organization propels customer loyalty, which in turn, improves the bottom line.

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