Can survey research increase profits?

Yes! Employees directly impact customer experiences and customer loyalty directly impacts the bottom line. This series of relationships is known as the Employee-Customer Profit Chain.

When employees are not engaged, their lack of commitment negatively affects their coworkers, customer interactions, and their productivity. Although the costs of engagement are visible through decreased productivity, sales, and employee grumblings, you cannot truly understand the overall level of engagement without a survey research study. Keeping your finger on the pulse of employee attitudes, satisfaction, and engagement allows you to identify workgroups, departments, or locations with low engagement scores so that you can take action to stop the negativity before it results in increased turnover and customer loss.

And, when employees are disengaged, the level of service your customers receive declines. Employees lack friendliness, helpfulness, and stop responding in a timely manner. And then customer satisfaction falls, sales decline, and the bottom line suffers. Successful companies understand that keeping a close eye on customer loyalty means maintaining market share and achieving financial goals. With regular surveying of customers, you will understand what they really want, how they are treated, and the likelihood that they will continue their relationship or become an advocate for you.

It is in a company’s best interests to retain customers and engaged employees, as it costs less to keep a happy client or satisfied employee than it does to replace one.