Why should I conduct a customer satisfaction survey? I think my customers are happy with me, otherwise, they wouldn’t come back.

If only things were that simple. Customer retention is not entirely contingent upon customer satisfaction. Retention can be a result of the lack of available alternatives, apathy, or even contractual agreements. This means when a competitor opens shop or pre-existing agreements conclude, “happy” customers might disappear into the sunset. Meanwhile, what these customers say to others about you may make or break your business for the next year. If customers are elated with 90% of their experience with your company, wouldn’t you want to know how to improve that other 10% to create a truly phenomenal customer satisfaction experience?

A well designed Customer Satisfaction Survey pinpoints what you are doing well and what you need to improve upon. You can identify areas where you can develop or improve to ensure you are maximizing your performance. Then, you can be certain customers are coming back with a smile on their face.