I have a diverse workforce. How can I survey my employees online?

An employee survey should be accessible to the employees and employees should be allowed time during work hours to complete the survey. In some work environments, online surveys are difficult to implement due to lack of accessibility or comfort with technology. For example, employees on a manufacturing floor are unlikely to have ready access to a company email address or computer to complete the survey. And retail locations may have only one computer with limited online access making an online survey difficult to facilitate.

There are many ways to deploy an online employee survey for these types of workgroups. For example, the employer can bring in kiosks, laptops, or tablets for employees to use in completing the survey. Individual logins may be provided to employees using letters, postcards, or other similar methods. Many companies utilize this type of set-up for annual benefits enrollments and it is equally effective for an employee survey.

However, there are instances in which a kiosk will still not provide the level of accessibility needed for an employee survey. Oftentimes organizations with a large population of field employees who are seldom in the office and do not carry laptops or company issued smartphones/tablets find that an online solution is not the best option. In this case, utilizing a telephone and/or paper survey for a portion of the employee base may be the preferred method. Using multiple methodologies is an excellent way to reach all employees, maximize response rates, and increase the validity of your data.