Does employee engagement start the first day?

Yes!  Although significant time and effort goes into the hiring process to ensure the new hire is a good fit to the position and the organization, oftentimes little thought goes into the orientation process and how that impacts the employee experience and perception of the organization. The onboarding process should welcome the employee to the organization in a way that captures and maximizes their engagement.

Employees need to be introduced to the organization, both physically and culturally. Can they find the cafeteria?  Do they have their badge?  Do they have the equipment they need?  Do they understand the mission and values of the company?  All of these elements set the stage for the employee’s experience with the company.

An Onboarding Survey can measure not only the orientation class and initial impression, but the entire onboarding experience. A survey at the end of week one may delve into the orientation itself and how quickly they received the tools for their jobs. An Onboarding Survey at the end of the introductory period, typically 90 days, should measure their level of engagement with the job, their work teams, and the company. It can also provide important insights into the level of support they receive from their managers, training needed, and likelihood of staying with the company for the long term.