What is synergy and why is it important in survey research?

Most business people realize the imperative of surveying in order to obtain feedback from key stakeholders, but it is a widely overlooked fact that this is psychological research, the assessment of human perceptions, and as such, must be approached in a scientific manner to protect the integrity of the data.

The quality of the survey questions, the scale, the validity of the survey, representative samples, confidence levels & sampling errors, and much more impact every survey research study. Whether the result is pure, clean, actionable data or contaminated, misleading data is often a function of the knowledge and expertise of those conducting the research.

Multiple vendors add to the number of the sources for error, provide various and inconsistent report formats with which managers must become familiar, provide various and inconsistent project support staff and processes, provide no overall accounting or budgeting for your business research needs, and these are just a few of the considerations bearing on the decision to use a centralized, synergistic solution for all of your organization’s survey research.

It is recommended that you utilize a vendor that conducts every type of business research with a holistic approach and advanced analytics so that you will be well positioned to leverage survey data across the organization.