I was thinking of conducting an online survey. What do I need to know before rolling it out?

An online survey is a great choice because it can be implemented quickly and it is cost-effective. It is also fairly simple to distribute the survey to respondents for completion. The relative ease of this type of survey is somewhat beguiling, but beware:  collecting the data from an online survey is only one half of the equation. The analysis itself must be considered during the survey design process. Often online surveys contain too many questions and a lack of focus due, in part, to the ease of using this medium. For this reason, proceed carefully to ensure your survey has a robust, yet well-designed, structure.

One of the perks of an online survey is the potential to match respondents’ answers to an address file that contains information about a client or employee. This requires a more advanced usage of Information Technology, but it can be a great way to discretely gather information that will allow you to understand patterns in your client or employee base.