Market Research Survey Questions

Developing the question database for your market research survey is the first and most important step in your survey research study. The example question template below provides a glimpse into the questions your market research survey might include.

Using the right market research survey questions will make or break your survey because the wording of the questions strongly influence the answer. NBRI knows market research survey question design and our surveys collect pure, clean data enabling us to make reliable recommendations to improve organizational performance.

Market Research Survey Sample - Business to Business (B2B)

How many people are employed by your company at your location?
My company purchases its office supplies from:
Our choice of office supply vendor(s) is primarily driven by:
My company tends to order office supplies approximately:
An order for office supplies is triggered when (check all that apply):
The amount of supplies we have on hand is typically:
Our current ordering system ensures we order the correct materials.
Monitoring the stock of office supplies takes an appropriate amount of time.
Over the past year, my company has frequently run out of office supplies.
Our company would pay more for flexible, just-in-time shipping of office supplies.
Our current ordering system could be improved.
Using a smartphone to scan a barcode/UPC to order supplies would be more convenient than our current method of ordering.
I would like a reordering system that would allow me to use a smartphone to scan barcodes/UPC of desired products.

Market Research Survey Sample - Business to Consumer (B2C)

In a typical week, I dine out approximately:
When I dine out, I tend to eat:
When I select a restaurant, I tend to chose:
The total amount I spend on food for one person tends to be:
Most of the restaurants you eat at tend to be how many miles from your home/work?
Please rank the attributes that are most important to you when considering a new restaurant from 1 (most important) to 6 (least important):
When dining out, I tend to order food that is difficult to cook at home.
I tend to order the same dish at my favorite restaurants.
I would rather order at the counter than at my table.
I would sacrifice the privacy of my seating to have faster service.
I dislike using plastic silverware.
I prefer an 'open kitchen' concept, where patrons can see the kitchen from their table.
The quality of a restaurant's food is more important than the quality of their service.
I like restaurants that are decorated in a specific theme.
I am sensitive to the noise level in a restaurant.

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