Online Surveys

Online surveys are the most economical means of gathering feedback, so if a representative sample can be reached with online surveys alone, it is always recommended.  Online surveys can take a variety of forms, including emails with embedded links to online surveys, text messaging, paper invitations to online surveys, social networking invitations to online surveys, and much more.

With the exception of blind market research, NBRI online surveys are always branded with the client’s logo, terminology, and detailed customization so that employees and customers know that the survey is from the client.  NBRI online surveys are sophisticated, with branching both from the address file and between questions within the survey, immediate auto-alerts to designated client personnel for dissatisfied customers, immediate online reporting, and much more.  NBRI’s online survey and reporting platform is safe and secure.

NBRI online surveys may be combined with paper surveys and/or telephone surveys when indicated, and represent the fastest, most economical means of gathering critical feedback essential to every organization.

Online Surveys graphic