Survey Data Reports

Survey Data Reports

NBRI Data Reports provide a superficial overview of survey results.  That is, the data reports present all pertinent descriptive statistics in order to describe the body of data in terms of its highs and lows.  This includes:

  • the number responding (N)
  • the average (mean score)
  • the benchmarked score
  • the distribution of responses

Note that percent favorable is subsumed by the distribution of responses which includes favorable and unfavorable responses.  (Percent favorable as a stand-alone statistic is considered to be highly misleading.)

NBRI Data Reports provide definitive comparisons.   Clients know immediately if a division, business unit, or department, etc. is performing better than others within the company.  They also provide external comparisons with the client’s industry, so that clients know immediately how the organization, division, business unit, etc. is performing as compared to the competition.

NBRI Data Reports are usually provided to all managers, showing their results compared with company and industry benchmarks.  No matter what your reporting requirements, NBRI is able to satisfy them with no limit to the comparisons or reports that can be generated by our reporting platform.