Employee Exit Survey Company

Need Help Reducing Employee Turnover?

  • Improve and stabilize the workplace into a stronger entity.
  • Gain insights about the organization from employees who leave.
  • Identify areas with adverse management behavior.
Employee Exit Survey Company

NBRI’s Employee Exit Interviews provide unique insights about the organization from employees who have chosen to leave its employ. Areas within the company with adverse management behavior or employment conditions are identified, and with NBRI’s ClearPath Analytics and ClearPath Action processes, the issues are rectified, eliminating major sources of turnover.

At NBRI, survey research isn’t just what we do. It’s part of who we are. From the very inception of our business in 1982, we’ve seen ourselves as far more than a survey research provider. Our goal is to be a valuable partner to your company, helping you make better decisions through the research we provide.

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How We Work

NBRI builds a complete custom solution for each Client while using high-quality, standardized and validated survey instruments and processes. NBRI provides the survey questions you need to achieve your goals and objectives, the translations and deployment methods needed to reach the various factions of your populations, and the demographic segregations needed for meaningful analyses. Our analytics provide Clients with deep insights that are consistently overlooked by other providers and are simply not possible with software programs. Working in consultation with NBRI professionals, your survey research is handled smoothly, easily, and flawlessly. We are keenly aware of the high visibility of all of our research studies, and it is NBRI that is the safe choice, the best choice for seamless, best in class, survey research.


NBRI is the most trusted name in survey research. Since 1982, companies all across the globe have trusted NBRI to deliver research solutions. NBRI delivers an Action Process and Root Cause Analysis that improves company performance by improving employee engagement, customer satisfaction, intent to return, and other key metrics. This combination provides the highest return on investment from survey research.

NBRI clients also benefit from NBRI's extensive benchmarking database. This allows an objective comparison against your competitors in your specific market segment. Over 10.5 billion opinions from every industry and every vertical market makes NBRI's benchmarking database the largest and highest quality in the world!

Custom designed surveys with validated questions

NBRI designs your employee survey so you can make good decisions and avoid bad ones. Our expertise takes the guesswork out of improving your organization.

Benchmark against your industry and trends over time

The team at NBRI empowers you with the information needed to understand and compare the performance of your employees across departments, business units, organizations, industries, continents, and cultures!

Detailed reports of your results

Reports include: demographic segregations benchmarked against your industry, verbatim responses to open-ended employee comment questions, and an Executive Summary with recommended corrective actions.

Multiple deployment options available

We can deploy your employee survey by paper, telephone, or online. Our team of experts chooses the correct combination of deployment methods to obtain valid data for all segregations of the populations under study.

Smart software for sentiment analysis of comments

Our cutting edge software analyzes your qualitative open-ended employee survey comment responses and provides you with recommendations for future quantitative survey questions.

Results presentations delivered by our Ph.D.s

An experienced consultant with a Ph.D. presents the results of your employee survey via live webinar or in-person onsite, answering any questions regarding recommended next steps.

Scientific research from organizational psychologists

NBRI's hallmark of Scientific, Psychological Research is second to none in the Employee Survey Research Industry for the highest quality methods, principles, and data.

Complete support of 35 languages

We deploy and analyze your employee survey data in 35 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

Action planning for financial improvement

Know what to do with the data collected from your employee survey. NBRI’s deep analytics provide the information needed to improve the performance of your organization.

Centralized Feedback Management

Obtain clear, consistent data, benchmarking, and action planning across multiple employee studies to enable real improvement in your business. We help you make sense of all the noise and realize the greatest return on investment.