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Consulting Services

Estimated Time
360 Interviews

Delivery of a report summarizing the in-depth interviews conducted with stakeholders of an individual that explain how the person is seen by others in relation to critical competencies from the organization.

60-90 minute interviews x number of raters + 1 day consolidation/report writing
Communication Coaching

1 on 1 session conducted by an organizational psychologist to develop communication skills.

60-90 minute sessions as required
Communication Workshop

Interactive and engaging training to develop authenticity and presence when communicating with others.

2-3 hours delivery plus 2 hours prep
Executive Coaching

1 on 1 session conducted by an organizational psychologist to help executives gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board.

60-90 minute sessions as required
Focus Groups

Brings together 6-10 people to provide feedback regarding a product, service, concept, or marketing campaign. An organizational psychologist leads the discussion to gather helpful information.

30-90 minute discussion plus 2 hours prep
In-depth Leadership Assessment

Comprehensive assessment report integrating a variety of different data (e.g., employee survey, 360-survey, personality inventories) to provide information on how an executive thinks, behaves, and is seen by others.

1-3 weeks depending on assessments chosen
Interview Training

In-depth and engaging training on how to conduct effective and legally defensible interviews. May include practice breakout sessions.

2 hours delivery plus 2 hours prep
Job Analysis

Systematic process for identifying critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics necessary to successfully perform on a job. Client gets a list of these competencies or KSAO’s which is a basis for effective and unbiased recruitment, selection, and performance appraisal.

2-4 weeks
People Analytics

Let us help you make better decisions with the data you already have. We can help you build a business case for your HR interventions or test the effectiveness of the interventions you already have in place. We use the latest advances in structural equations modeling (SEM), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and organization network analysis (ONA) to reveal deep insights from your data that should be used to drive major decisions affecting your human resources.

2-4 weeks after receipt of data
Performance Appraisal Interviews

1 on 1 interviews conducted by an organizational psychologist to discuss performance, provide feedback, and build development plans.

60-90 minute sessions as required
Personality Assessments

Personality surveys used to understand what drives an individual and how they will likely act in different situations.

1 week
Pre-hire Assessments

Based on job analysis, develop pre-hire assessments that measure traits needed for successful performance on the job. Compare each pre-hire job assessment on key specifications (e.g., validity, reliability, length of assessment, applicant reactions, etc.).

2-4 weeks
Team Building

Series of interactive and engaging activities to support individuals to work together constructively and appreciate the talents within the group.

Half day delivery plus 2-3 hours prep
Team Facilitation

Use an independent organizational psychologist to support teams to achieve specific outcomes (e.g. developing a vision) or work through specific challenges.

Half day delivery plus 2-3 hours prep
Train the Trainer Workshops

Interactive and engaging training to develop trainer's presentation skills and support them to facilitate groups effectively.

Half day delivery plus 2-3 hours prep
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