Customer Service Infographic

In order to create loyalty among your customers, your company must provide customer service that is superior to the competition. Companies that are successful and profitable always have loyal customers, and they’ve done so by delivering excellent customer service time and time again. We created our Customer Service Infographic to help every company see the value in creating a customer service centric organization.

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Customer Service Infographic by NBRI

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Customer Service Infographic by NBRI

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4 Responses to “Customer Service Infographic”

  1. Great resource for businesses – we’ve just added it to our website.

    I’m suprised at the figures with regards to 40% more likely to tell a bad experience than a good one. I thought it would be much higher than that. Especially with the rise of twitter and facebook, we can vent our anger with poor service to the world not just the customer service agent.

    Do you have this as a poster?

  2. Great infographics, thank you very much for having sent us the link – will share

  3. A really good way of showing the importance of good customer service. Plus great graphics.

  4. MH says:

    Retaining loyal customers is the foundation to support business growth and profitability. Customer Service is one of the important key elements to win customer’s satisfactiona and loyalty. The infographics of Customer Service and Customer Loyalty are a very good summary to all. Thanks for the great attention on them and the good reference and charts! Thanks for the great sharing!

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