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We’ve been conducting research for businesses for over 30 years. From employee engagement surveys to market research, NBRI has covered every inch of the survey data spectrum. As you can imagine, we’ve compiled a lot of benchmarking data and derived a lot of knowledge from it. Our motto is Research for Knowledge, Knowledge for Power, and what better way to empower than to share what we’ve learned?

Leverage Consumer Behavior for Financial Success

Financial Success

Consumer Behavior What exactly is “consumer behavior” and what kind of impact does it have on your business’s financial success? Consumer behavior is something that is studied by a research professional. Psychologists and statisticians then analyze the data and turn it into actionable advice for a company or business. For example, a research professional may [...]

How to Foster Employee Engagement Through Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace

Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction must exist before employee engagement is possible. Employees who feel vested in the success of their company are committed to their own advancement and productivity in the workplace. Consider implementing these employee satisfaction measures to help ensure employee engagement. Share the knowledge Strive to be more transparent about company profits and losses. There [...]

How Telephone Surveys Improve Customer Service


It’s not an exaggeration to say that the success or failure of your company depends upon the level of customer service you provide. Satisfied customers may recommend you to two or three people, while one disgruntled customer can log on to social media and steer thousands of people away from doing business with you. One [...]

What Market Research Surveys Can Tell You About Your Business

A magnifying glass over words.

If you have never conducted a market research survey about your business, you are missing out on incredibly valuable insights that will help you address weaknesses and gain a powerful advantage over your competition. Market research surveys gather critical information that you can use to analyze the size of your market, its need for your [...]

Customer Satisfaction Surveys – A Sure Bet for Casinos

A group of people gambling in a casino.

For many gamblers, one casino is like the next. There are slot machines, gaming tables, some restaurants, an auditorium, and gift shops. If you want your establishment to stand out from the competition, the best way to differentiate yourself is by increasing customer satisfaction with unsurpassed service. But how do you determine what your customers [...]