Frequently Asked Questions about Survey Research

Reasonable pricing for high-quality data collection, deep analytics, clear, concise reporting and all-inclusive consulting, coupled with excellent customer care, make NBRI the best choice for all of your survey research needs.
What deployment methodologies are available through NBRI?
NBRI offers online, telephone, and paper deployment methodologies.  One methodology may work well for you or we may employ a combination of methodologies to reach your target audience.
Which survey methodology is right for me?  Online, telephone, or paper?
NBRI considers a number of factors in recommending a research methodology.  Of course we will review the availability of email addresses, telephone numbers, and physical mailing addresses.  We also examine the overall population size because how we deploy the survey may impact response rates.  Learn more about survey deployment.
Does NBRI assist with question development?
Absolutely!  You will work directly with an NBRI Organizational Psychologist (Ph.D. level) to review the goals and objectives for your study and to determine the most appropriate normative questions for your survey.  Learn more about survey design.
What are normative questions?
Normative questions are standardized survey questions written by NBRI organizational psychologists.  Recognized as the ‘normal’ questions to ask in survey research, these questions have been tested and validated.  Each survey question is a scientific research instrument in its own right.
What if I already have survey questions?
NBRI will review and map your existing survey questions to normative survey questions.
Is the survey customizable?
Yes!  In fact, we collaborate with you to determine the most appropriate topics and questions for your survey.  A custom survey with NBRI ensures that the most meaningful data is collected.
What is ClearPath Benchmarking?
ClearPath Benchmarking is the comparison of your survey data to survey data from other companies that have used identical survey questions.  Benchmarking, or ‘normative data’, represents the way people ‘normally’ answer a question.  Benchmarking data is expressed in percentiles, from the 1st to the 100th.  The 50th percentile represents the true average, the 75th percentile represents ‘Stretch’ performance, and the 90th percentile represents ‘Best in Class’ performance.
How does NBRI ClearPath Benchmarking work?
ClearPath Benchmarking is available by industry, country, or against our entire database.  NBRI maintains the largest, highest quality, and most robust database in the world with over 3.5 billion individual opinions from more than 6,500 organizations.
Does benchmarking matter if I only want to see my own survey results?
Yes!  Without benchmarking you have only the survey scale against which to compare your results and then try to determine if they are good or bad, high or low.  While mean scores and percent favorable may be interesting, they don’t tell you what the data means in reality.  ClearPath Benchmarking enables you and your management team to immediately and objectively understand your results.
How can I compare against my previous data?
NBRI may import your previous data and include that data in the reports that we provide.  Our review and mapping of your existing survey questions to normative survey questions allows you to benchmark internally against your own data and externally with NBRI ClearPath Benchmarking.
Does NBRI support international surveys and foreign languages?
Yes!  NBRI surveys employees and customers and conducts market research all over the world.  Our systems support any written language.
What does the survey look like?
Branded with your logo, the survey and associated communications are designed specifically for and approved by you.
How long does the process take?
ClearPath Feedback Management is an ongoing process complete with ClearPath Research, ClearPath Benchmarking, ClearPath Analytics, ClearPath Synergy, ClearPath Action, and ClearPath Financial.  The phases of the project vary in length depending upon methodology, frequency, and your own timing needs.  NBRI will prepare and manage a personalized Project Plan for you based upon all of these factors.
What about confidentiality?
Most employees are concerned about confidentiality while most customers are not.  NBRI provides each client with a project plan that contains communications for the target audience to address these concerns.  When clients communicate with the target audience in the manner recommended by NBRI, issues regarding confidentiality and anonymity are eliminated.
What is confidence level and sampling error?
In survey research we deal with samples because not everyone invited to participate in a survey will choose to do so.  Confidence level is the probability that the people who respond reflect the thinking of the entire population, as if we had a 100% response rate.  Sampling error is the probability that the sample differs from the thinking of the entire population.
What types of reports will I receive?
NBRI provides a variety of reports including data reports, comment reports, raw data files, executive summaries, and results presentations.  Standardized report formats enable management to easily move from one report to another, even across survey types.  And, we can partner with you to develop custom reporting as needed.
How can we ‘cut’ the survey data?
Your survey data may be cut or segmented in an unlimited number of ways so that those responsible for effecting change can have their own reports, sorted by their results.  Meaningful reporting is essential to taking action on the data.  NBRI consults with you on the most useful ‘cuts’ for your data so that you may manage your business as required.
How will we access the survey data?
NBRI provides electronic reports, sent via email, provided on a CD, or available through our online reporting portal.  The portal securely stores your data allowing users to access only the data for which they have permission.  With a dashboard and ad hoc reporting capabilities, it has never been easier to access and manage your data.
What type of analysis does NBRI provide?
ClearPath Analytics convert your data into actionable information.  Through correlations, regressions, and path analyses, NBRI identifies the key drivers of employee engagement and customer loyalty.
What about consulting fees?
NBRI is a full service survey research firm providing free unlimited consulting.  Your NBRI Project Team is with you every step of the way from assessment through action.  There are no telephone or email consulting fees.  Unlimited consulting is our investment in your success because when you succeed, NBRI succeeds.
What kind of action planning support do you provide?
At NBRI the survey research process does not end at data collection, analysis, or reporting.  The survey research process continues through taking action on the findings and implementing company-wide solutions.   ClearPath Action training begins during survey deployment and we provide training, handbooks, and workbooks to simplify the process.  Once the results are in, NBRI presents to your Executive Team and remains a resource for you and your ClearPath Action Teams throughout implementation.