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Customer Survey: A method of collecting data from customers.
Customer Surveys

Today’s competitive marketplace compels every organization to listen to the voices of its customers and learn what they think about your business.

NBRI’s Customer Surveys provide business leaders with critical input for short- and long-term decision-making, product and service enhancements, policy and procedure decisions, employee behavior, and more.

NBRI’s Customer Surveys help organizations:

Customer Survey Case Study

A Fortune 500 Retailer contacted NBRI to conduct their Customer Surveys.  The client had acquired the world-wide assets and operations of another Fortune 500 Retailer and needed to understand how to meld the two organizations together without impacting customer satisfaction or customer service.  One known issue was that each of the previously separate operations had different definitions of what excellent customer service meant and how it should be delivered.  Our immediate challenge was to understand from actual customers what they expected from the Retailer, the look and feel of an excellent customer experience.  Also, did the desired customer experience differ across regions, countries, and continents?

NBRI designed and deployed the customer survey in 14 languages, collected enough responses to achieve valid data with a 95% confidence level and a 5% sampling error for all regions, ran ClearPath Analytics, and presented the findings and our recommendations to corporate management so that an action plan could be implemented to insure continued high service levels across all areas.  First, it was discovered that the desired customer experience did differ across regions.  This was not an unexpected finding, but now we had hard data to substantiate the suspicions.  And, concrete stated desires from actual customers as to what constituted an excellent customer experience by region.  Next, we discovered and defined a common set of customer desires across all regions that could be built upon while maintaining the strong brand of our client.

Our first recommendation was the communication of the survey findings to all employees.  Next, we recommended two different types of training for employees.  One training class delivered by corporate personnel to emphasize and satisfy the common set of customer desires that were present across all regions.  Then, a training class unique to each region delivered by personnel from within the region to fully flesh out the employee behaviors required for successful in-person, telephone, email, and social media interactions.  The latter training class consisted of multiple training classes depending upon the type of employee audience, front facing, back office, etc.  Each training class was taught over multiple sessions and included role play with other employees and worked up to supervised practice with actual customers.  Quarterly workshops were recommended for each region as a refresher.  Finally, the training classes became a part of the employee onboarding process that all new hires were exposed to in their first days of employment.

Standard Customer Survey Topics

Communications Company Behavior Company Image Competitive Position
Control Systems Core Competencies Cost & Value Creativity
Customer Loyalty Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Decision Making
Employee Attitude Employee Behavior Ethics Financing
Friendliness & Helpfulness Invoicing & Statements Intent to Return Job Training
Organizational Assessment   Pricing Product Delivery Products
Professional Conduct Project Management Quality Safety
Sales Process Service & Support Teamwork Technical Expertise
Technical Support Technology Values Wait Time
Warranties Website Willingness to Recommend

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Love the online reports, especially the comment reports. Very easy to use and yet so comprehensive! I got rid of the summaries I used to create for our teams and instead just send them the reports straight from the system. Also, I love being able to call at any time with questions or suggestions for our survey work. NBRI is incredibly responsive to customer needs!LeeAnn Garrick

Ease of doing business. Your folks are very professional. When I needed a question answered they were always there. We are knee deep in the team process and we are finding a very strong response to the data and to the information provided. Could not be happier with the experience.John Hearl
Dwyer Instruments

Quick responses to questions or needs.April Sanchez
American Senior Communities

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  • Customer Service Surveys

    Take an in-depth look at your customer service personnel, your sales assistance personnel, your warranties, your website, and all ground-level customer interaction

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