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Customer Satisfaction: A measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectations.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The more customers return, the more they spend.  The more customers spend, the better your financial performance.  Simple.

However, the relative importance of the drivers of satisfaction vary widely, depending on the product or service, industry or market.

Customer Satisfaction InfographicNBRI’s Customer Satisfaction Surveys accurately identify the Root Causes of your customers’ buying behavior regardless of product, service, industry, or market.  Together with NBRI’s ClearPath Analytics and ClearPath Action, NBRI helps you address Root Causes, increasing sales and improving your financial performance.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Case Study

A leading hotel chain, which had engaged NBRI for employee surveys for over ten years, contacted NBRI shortly after the economic downturn of 2008. They anticipated a disastrous short-term financial picture and knew they had to take action immediately. This meant investing a small amount of money to implement customer satisfaction surveys in order to gain millions of dollars of business in an economy that had suddenly become hostile to the travel industry.

NBRI recommended its Standard Customer Satisfaction Survey, customized for the Client, but in its usual format, which has respondents rank items in order of importance before rating the Clients performance with regard to the same items. The customer survey was deployed to a small, stratified, random sample of customers – no more and no less than was needed to obtain data that was truly representative of the thinking of the entire customer population at a 99% Confidence Level, and at a fraction of the cost of surveying everyone.

The study revealed a very different root cause of customer satisfaction than had been expected by the Client. Price was not the primary driver of this Client’s customers’ intent to return. And, the avoidance of the expense of air travel was not driving the factors that make up customer satisfaction for this Client. NBRI’s ClearPath Analytics revealed that the driver of over 55% of the perceptions of this Client’s customer population was the friendliness of the staff. Even the customers were unaware of what was causing them to rate a majority of survey questions higher than they would have, had the staff been less friendly, but with ClearPath Analytics, NBRI has the capability of accurately analyzing the opinions, beliefs, and behaviors of human populations.

Per NBRI’s recommendations, the Client proactively leveraged this crucial information from the customer satisfaction survey and alleviated what could have been disastrous financial results. Indeed, the Revenue per Guest has shown significant increases with every intervention to their Root Cause, including those following the economic downturn of 2008.

The Standard NBRI Customer Satisfaction Survey includes 30 questions covering 7 topics, requiring less than 5 minutes to complete, and is customized to achieve each organization's specific goals for their study.

Standard Customer Satisfaction Survey Topics

Communications Customer Loyalty Employee Behavior
Products Sales Process Service & Support

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The staff is easy to work with and very helpful. Very timely with my email requests and compiling data. Great company to work with, especially the project manager!Dana Atkins
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Our NBRI Organizational Psychologist is wonderful to work with. She provides us with great ideas and ways that we can get the most from our surveys. Our project manager is great, I tell her what I need and when I need it and she makes it happen. The survey reports made sense and provided us insights to areas of opportunity.Kim Day

Our NBRI project manager is awesome - I wish we could have her at our organization. She is professional, friendly, and very timely in responding to our many requests!!Katie Kaye
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