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What Are the Keys to Improving Financial Performance?

financial performance

Many businesses believe that customer satisfaction alone is the primary ingredient in their company’s financial performance. They spend all their time and energy pursuing the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty through advertising, specials, and discount sales in hopes that the customer will be a repeat customer. What these businesses are missing, and what can cause failure, [...]

How to Create an Onboarding Process for Any Generation

How is Your Onboarding Program?

Do you know where onboarding begins and ends? Most consider it when the new hire is on-site and is going through the typical orientation routine: payroll paperwork, company tour and introductions, supply checklist, etc. Depending on the organization, it can last for a few days or a couple of weeks. In actuality, onboarding is a [...]

How Start-Ups Can Create Attractive Company Cultures

Grow a Company Culture

Companies, especially start-ups, have begun to establish company cultures that embody their founding principles. These companies even base hiring decisions on candidates being a fit for their culture, often placing experience and qualifications as a secondary priority. Corporate culture has become so important that it can be the reason why new hires choose to stay [...]

Keep Your Employees by Keeping Your Company Culture Cool

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Employee satisfaction is key to employee retention, productivity, and growth. Many factors contribute to high employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the workplace. Though you can’t do much to impact what happens outside of your office, you can help your employees find a good work-life balance. Also, consider the three items below: What Is Your Company [...]

Three Issues Contributing to the Millennial Hiring Gap

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The Baby Boomers, a big part of America’s workforce, are retiring and companies are recruiting the newest generation, the Millennials, to keep business moving forward. Anyone who has been working long enough, or is involved in the hiring process, has undoubtedly noticed shifts in the recruiting process. Are the shifts caused by candidate quality issues, [...]