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5 Keys to the Best Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys measure how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectations. These surveys are instrumental in predicting whether the customer will return and spend more, therefore impacting your financial performance.

Composing an effective customer satisfaction survey may seem straightforward, but it takes insight into the customers’ habits and their relationship with your company to return the results you seek. Correctly built customer satisfaction surveys gather data that accurately identifies the root causes of your customers’ buying behavior regardless of product, service, industry or market.

5 Keys to the Best Customer Satisfaction Survey:

1. Communication

Communication will make or break a sale, so this topic should be prominent on any customer satisfaction survey. Seamless communication is paramount from person to person interaction, email response time, effective telephone conversations, and ease of sale. Customers want good communication with your company. Your customers are the keys to unlocking the secrets of excellent communication, which results in increased sales for your company, so this should be a major focal point of the customer satisfaction survey.

2. Products

Products drive your bottom line and knowing how they perform is integral to your company’s success. Seeking product input on the customer satisfaction survey will inform you about the quality and attitude surrounding the products you sell. Use questions about the product itself and also about the purchasing and overall customer experience. Was the product accurately described? Did it deliver what was promised?

3. Sales Process

In addition to information about the product or service, ask customers to provide feedback on the sales process and customer service received. Would the customer purchase from you again? Was the website easy to navigate through all steps of the sale? Were any questions promptly answered? Through questions like these, you can predict the likelihood of return customers.

4. Website

Is your website bulky and hard to navigate? If so, you could be pushing potential customers away before they even know what your company has to offer. Gaining insight into your website’s speed, look, and ease of navigation through your customer satisfaction survey is the easiest way to turn potential customers into loyalists.

5. Employee Behavior

Finally, a customer satisfaction survey should include questions about the customer’s experience with your employees. If every step of the sale was successful, but interaction with an employee was poor, it could drive the customer away before a sale is complete and 91 percent of unsatisfied customers will never come back. The power of word-of-mouth should not be overlooked, and receiving feedback via a customer satisfaction survey will help you understand your customers’ honest opinion regarding the behavior of your employees.

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