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Customer Pulse Surveys

Elevate the customer experience with short, frequent surveys. Use customer pulse surveys at key touchpoints to immediately address customer concerns.

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Real-Time Customer Insights

Customer pulse surveys are designed to efficiently collect information by asking a small number of questions or, sometimes, a single question, such as: “How likely is it that you would recommend [company/brand] to a friend or colleague?” The answers to these questions provide a snapshot of current customer service levels and the probability of referrals.
Quickly pinpoint customer concerns

Quickly pinpoint customer concerns

If a customer has a positive experience, it will likely lead to repeat business and good word-of-mouth advertising. A negative experience can lead to customer loss and the circulation of poor reviews.

Customer pulse surveys use a small set of questions aimed at key touchpoints in your organization to quickly understand customer perceptions of your products and services.

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Take effective action. Stay ahead of the pack.

Take effective action. Stay ahead of the pack.

An organization that listens to their customers and takes action when problems arise stands out from the rest.

Customer pulse surveys:

  • Enhance customer loyalty and engagement
  • Provide real-time data
  • Track performance over time
  • Increase profitability

NBRI provides benchmarking, analysis, and comprehensive insights. You’ll have data that your competitors don’t have to address issues they don’t even know exist.

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Recent Case Study

Customer Pulse Case Study

A manufacturer of industrial, transmission, and distribution systems experienced increasing competition in its field. To maintain its customer base and plan for the future, the company needed to understand current performance levels and word-of-mouth.

The client leveraged insights from NBRI to initiate targeted service recovery to improve performance. While the client reaped immediate satisfaction and word-of-mouth benefits from their customers, they were also able to initiate a seismic change at the ideal time.

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NBRI surveys give businesses a competitive edge, forming a clear path to profit improvement. Reach out today for more information — we are here to help.

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