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Employee Survey Questions

Developing a question database for your employee survey is the first (and most important) step in your research. Questions make or break a survey because the wording strongly influences the answer. Our surveys collect pure, clean data enabling us to make reliable recommendations that improve organizational performance.

The example question template below provides a glimpse into which questions your employee survey might include.

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My team works well together.
I understand what is expected of me in my job.
The company recognizes those who contribute most.
Management communicates effectively.
The company maintains high ethical standards.
The degree of freedom I have to do my work is appropriate.
My supervisor tells me when I do my work well.
My workload is acceptable.
This is a friendly place to work.
I am an important part of the success of this organization.
My supervisor treats me fairly.
The company promotes ongoing learning.
I am personally responsible for reporting business abuses.
I have received adequate training to do my job.
At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.
I will be adequately rewarded if I stay with the company for the long term.
I understand the criteria/goals I must meet to be promoted.
The company encourages employees to balance their personal and professional lives.
My supervisor has an 'open door' policy.
I have confidence in management.
I last received ethics training:
My last performance appraisal was conducted by:
If there is any issue on which you would like to comment, whether addressed by this survey or not, please use the space provided.

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