Popular Survey Questions

Can the integrity of a customer survey be impacted by self-administration?

Yes. Let’s take some lessons from a case study. An organization in the travel industry had outstanding reviews from almost all of its clients on its self-administered customer surveys. Customer surveys were passed out by the tour director on the second to last day of the tour and were collected by the tour director the…

I’m interested in conducting market research, what do I need to know?

When conducting market research, one of the most important things to ensure is a sample size that is representative of the market you wish to target. Focus on both Confidence Level and Sampling Error. Confidence Level is the probability that the data represents the thinking of all possible participants. Sampling Error is essentially the opposite,…

Are there best practices in survey research?

To achieve changes in behavior from survey research, it is important to follow these best practices to give you a comprehensive view of your organization: Scientific psychological research is essential for obtaining the highest quality methods, principles, and data. Benchmarking to know exactly where you stand across departments, business units, and your industry. Analysis to…

What kind of action planning support do you provide?

At NBRI the survey research process does not end at data collection, analysis, or reporting. The survey research process continues through taking action on the findings and implementing company-wide solutions. You may elect to include ClearPath Action training. We provide an action training interface on our platform, handbooks, and workbooks to simplify the process. Once the…

How is NBRI different from other business research firms?

The breadth of our offerings. NBRI offers a full range of survey research products and services for large enterprises, small businesses, and individuals. We offer a Do-It-Yourself survey platform, full-service research services, and a full suite of consulting services provided by organizational psychologists.

How long should the survey be?

It is recommended that you include enough questions to obtain all of the information needed at one time. Using items that are short, concise, clearly written statements that get right to the point will only take seconds to read and rate. A 20 item survey should require about 5 minutes for someone with an 8th…

What are the steps to conduct market research?

The first step is to have a well-defined goal for the research so you know what you want to accomplish. Is there a need for your company to fill? Do customers know your brand? The next step is determining what information you need to accomplish that goal: for example, if you want to determine how…

Which survey methodology is right for me? Online, telephone, or paper?

NBRI considers a number of factors before recommending a research methodology.  We review the availability of email addresses, telephone numbers, and physical mailing addresses.  We also examine the overall population size because how the survey is deployed impacts response rates.  Multiple deployment methodologies may be required to achieve valid data. Learn more about survey deployment.

Does NBRI assist with question development?

Absolutely!  You may use our professional survey content or work directly with an NBRI Organizational Psychologist (Ph.D. level) to review the goals and objectives for your study and determine the most appropriate questions for your survey.  Learn more about survey design.

What types of reports will I receive?

NBRI offers a variety of scheduled and on-demand reports including data reports, comment reports, text analytics reports, raw data files, executive summaries, and results presentations.  Standardized report formats enable management to easily move from one report to another, even across survey types.  And, we can partner with you to develop custom reporting as needed.