How should the survey be deployed?

There are a number of factors to consider when determining the deployment methodology. For example, the population size because how the survey is deployed will impact the response rate. The population size and the response rate determine the ability to reach valid data. Accessibility and the type of contact information available for the population also…

How do confidentiality concerns affect survey participation?

Before a survey becomes part of the culture, there are often issues of mistrust. Once it is part of the culture, these issues are greatly reduced. Management will have proven that no individuals have been singled out because of certain survey answers and that the survey is designed to identify organization-wide and/or customer base issues.…

What about confidentiality?

Most employees are concerned about the confidentiality of their survey responses while most customers are not.  NBRI provides each client with a project plan that contains communications for the target audience to address these concerns.  When clients communicate with the target audience in the manner recommended by NBRI, issues regarding confidentiality and anonymity are eliminated.

Which survey methodology is right for me? Online, telephone, or paper?

NBRI considers a number of factors before recommending a research methodology.  We review the availability of email addresses, telephone numbers, and physical mailing addresses.  We also examine the overall population size because how the survey is deployed impacts response rates.  Multiple deployment methodologies may be required to achieve valid data. Learn more about survey deployment.

What deployment methodologies are available through NBRI?

NBRI offers online, telephone, and paper deployment methodologies.  One methodology may work well for you or a combination of methodologies may be required to reach your target audience.