Custom Pricing Based Upon Your Business Needs


  • Custom Designed Surveys with Validated Questions
  • Scientific Research from Organizational Psychologists
  • Benchmark Against Your Industry and Trends Over Time
  • Results Presentations delivered by Consultants with a Ph.D
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Each study includes:

ClearPath Research

NBRI's standards are second to none in the Survey Research Industry for the highest quality methods, principles, and data.

  • Access to all NBRI standardized survey questions
  • Professional Advice on survey question selection, ordering, length, and scale
  • A Performance Review via webcast

ClearPath Action

Taking action on pure, hard facts improves the employee-customer continuum of engagement and loyalty, and improves your financial performance. At NBRI, the survey research process does not end at reporting, but continues through ClearPath Action within 30 days of results.

You may also elect to include:

ClearPath Benchmarking

Pricing varies depending upon the number of survey questions. NBRI provides definitive benchmarking scores so you know exactly where you stand across departments, business units, and your industry.

ClearPath Analytics

We've ended the debate on what issues to address after each data collection cycle. NBRI's deep analytics provide clear, concise marching orders. These are the drivers that will result in the greatest, most immediate improvement for your organization without guesswork, without debate.

Variables that affect pricing:

  • The number of possible respondents.
  • Multiple deployment methodologies needed to reach valid data or a representative sample, such as online, paper, and telephone.
  • Language translations. Up to 35 different languages are offered.
  • Custom or large number of reports.
  • All consulting by telephone and email is provided at no charge; onsite consultations and presentations incur additional fees.