Our Process

Every Survey Includes the NBRI ClearPath Process



NBRI knows survey design. We work to understand your needs. Then, we build your custom survey from our validated question databases. NBRI surveys collect pure, clean data enabling us to make reliable recommendations to improve organizational performance. Make a mistake here and it all falls apart.

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Our proven process maximizes response rates. We can deploy your survey online, by telephone (real people, not a computer), with paper surveys, or any combination in up to 35 different languages. We monitor data collection to ensure we collect enough data so that all segments are valid and are representative samples of the populations under study.

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NBRI provides comprehensive and easily understood reports that include descriptive statistics and benchmarking data so you know exactly how you stack up against your competition. Our deep analytics provide recommendations to achieve dramatic organizational improvement in the shortest time possible. A free results presentation is included with every study.

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Action Planning

This is the most important step of the process. Taking action allows your organization to realize a return on your investment in survey research. As part of the Action Planning process, we introduce Continuous Improvement, a circular process where the effectiveness of improvement initiatives are measured with each successive data collection cycle. It’s a must for any successful survey research project.

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Financial Performance

Taking action on the research findings to continuously improve the organization drives improved financial performance. Action planning and continuous improvement pay for the cost of the research many times over.

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The ClearPath process includes: Research, Benchmarking, Analytics, Action, Synergy, and Financial Performance.

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