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Survey questions are most often statements and by far the most popular rating scale asks respondents to rate their agreement with the statements.

For each of the following pairs of statements, select the one with the best wording such that it will not contaminate the response, or select “no difference” if you believe they are equally well-worded.

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The correct answer is: "My supervisor listens to me."
"Could benefit" in the bad question is very normative, as nearly everybody could benefit from training. This will bias the answers to the positive. Secondly, this implies that training will take place, which could be problematic if you don't have the budget for it. It's better to first screen for any deficiencies in supervisor-employee communications with other survey questions to determine if training should be offered.
The correct answer is: "My supervisor keeps me well informed."
The bad question is double-barreled, meaning it asks about multiple groups/concepts in 1 question. Employees may feel updated by management through town hall meetings and newsletters, but supervisors may be detached from this process. When you receive a less than 100% favorable response to this question (and you will), then you will not know what to work on: Management communications or Supervisor communications.
The correct answer is: "I am paid fairly for the work I do."
It would be unlikely that a respondent will have the level of transparency required to accurately respond on behalf of all employees. Respondents should only be asked about their own experiences.
The correct answer is: "Customers are treated well by the Company."
The use of strong terms such as "always" in the bad question should be avoided because it is polarizing. There will inevitably be a few times that standards slip in every organization. The phrasing of this question invites respondents to place a disproportionate focus on these rare occurrences.
The correct answer is: "I understand the quality control process."
Asking about "sufficient processes" in the bad question is vague, and if respondents say "no" you wouldn't know which process to address. It is better to capture feelings about specific & measurable processes.
The correct answer is: "The Company maintains high ethical standards."
The bad question is double-barreled, as it singles out two different groups that have the potential to be evaluated very differently. If a global focus is desired, the use of the phrase "the company" is more general. However, it provides a more generalized assessment. The bad question should be broken out into two separate questions. One to address supervisors and one to address coworkers.
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