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ClearPath Action

Move from data collection to action in three weeks. NBRI’s ClearPath Action uses survey research to solve your biggest organizational concerns.

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Turn data into real change

Data alone does not make a difference. It’s data combined with action that can move mountains. Action that is based on true, factual data improves the lives of millions of NBRI clients’ employees. That same action improves our clients’ products and services, increasing their customer satisfaction and customer intent to return. It saves companies, feeds families, and makes our country strong. That’s the power behind ClearPath Action.

Solve your most pressing issues
A Plan of Action

Solve your most pressing issues

At NBRI, the survey research process does not end after the assessment or at the analysis to select the client’s issues. The process isn’t over until the client implements solutions to the most important issues facing the organization. The ClearPath Action steps are:

  • Step 1: Assessment or survey research
  • Step 2: Selecting the issues to be addressed
  • Step 3: Brainstorming solutions
  • Step 4: Developing a short list of recommendations
  • Step 5: Obtaining approvals from senior management
  • Step 6: Implementing the solutions
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Communicate and take targeted action
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Communicate and take targeted action

NBRI uses a comprehensive communication system when implementing solutions, based on three essential elements to ensure success:

  1. Inform: Communicate the survey results and next steps to your employees.
  2. Interact: Managers connect and demonstrate their support of the process.
  3. Involve: Utilize employee insights to drive the action plan.

Our process has been proven to radically save time and money while accelerating the benefits of the research study. With NBRI’s ClearPath Action process, you move from data collection to action in three weeks.

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ClearPath Action continuous improvement process

NBRI’s ClearPath Action is a circular process that includes the assessment, selecting of issues, implementing solutions, and then re-measuring to test the effectiveness of the interventions and keep improving.

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What our customers are saying about NBRI

“I like the complete package; NBRI sets up, collects information, gives you TONS of data points, and identifies actions to correct ‘less desirable’ results.”
Jennifer C. KVH

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We handle it all, from survey creation and in-depth reporting to turning the research into real benefits for you. Tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver.

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NBRI surveys give businesses a competitive edge, forming a clear path to profit improvement. Reach out today for more information — we are here to help.

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