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Customer Experience Surveys

Move to the head of the pack. Learn how to delight customers and leverage your competitive advantages with customer experience surveys.

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Improve your competitive advantage with a customer experience survey program

There is no business without customers. A customer experience survey collects valuable data from your customer base. By listening to the voice of your customers and acting upon their feedback, you are positioning your organization to develop or improve your competitive advantage.
Honest, Realtime Feedback
  • Ask the right people the right questions
  • Hear what’s working — and what needs to change
  • Discover issues you didn’t know existed
Superior Customer Journeys
  • Scout the entire customer experience
  • See how well you’re performing with products and services
  • Create happier and more loyal customers
Full-Service Solutions
  • An experienced team of professional researchers to guide you every step of the way
  • Dedicated consultants design your survey, analyze the data, and present the results.
Happy customers spend more money
Keep Them Coming Back

Happy customers spend more money

Customers with the best experiences spend 140% more than those with poor experiences.

Poor experiences can cost you those customers forever — and they’ll tell their friends.

Best-in-class businesses are guided by in-depth customer survey research.

  • Boost sales
  • Identify competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand customer perceptions of your brand
  • Build customer loyalty and strong relationships
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Collect the right feedback from the right people
Follow Survey Best Practices

Collect the right feedback from the right people

Anyone can build a customer experience survey, but NBRI surveys dig deeper.

We follow best practices based on your industry and goals — using the appropriate channels, sending at the best times, speaking your customers’ language, and choosing questions that get valuable answers.

Excellent customer experience data can improve everything, from products, services, and policy decisions to employee behavior and so much more.

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A survey experience that will drive your long-term success
Full-service Survey Solutions

A survey experience that will drive your long-term success

NBRI’s Enterprise solutions include:

  • Question database consultations
  • Benchmarking against your competitors
  • Deep analytics of your data
  • Findings presented to your executives
  • Targeted action in the right areas

We turn insights into financial results and improve your organization in the shortest time possible. That means company-wide benefits for leaders, customers, and employees alike.

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Survey types to measure the customer experience

There are many ways to track the customer journey. NBRI uses these types of customer surveys for answers that launch meaningful change.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customers come to you with expectations — and the bar is high. Gauge if you’re meeting needs with your services and products. Increase customer retention, willingness to recommend, share of wallet, and spend.

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Customer Service Surveys

Great customer service can change a “no” into a “yes.” Learn what your customers love about you and how to enhance it. Identify areas for improvement to build happier customers and better buzz.

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Customer Pulse Surveys

Find out what each customer thinks about your company and product or service. Get real-time spot checks of customer touchpoints to discover and address issues right away.

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Lost Customer Surveys

It happens, but you can turn things around by learning why people are leaving. Customer loss surveys uncover the main reasons you’re losing business, which competitors are getting your customers, and what you need to change.

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What our customers are saying about NBRI

“Love the online reports, especially the comment reports. Very easy to use and yet so comprehensive! I got rid of the summaries I used to create for our teams and instead just send them the reports straight from the system. Also, I love being able to call at any time with questions or suggestions for our survey work. NBRI is incredibly responsive to customer needs!”
Leeann G. ANTHC

Recent Case Study

Customer Experience Case Study
A Fortune 500 retailer contacted NBRI for help with a particularly critical customer experience program. The client had recently acquired the assets and operations of an international Fortune 500 retailer and was concerned how this acquisition might impact customer satisfaction and customer service.

Customer Experience Survey Resources

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Make our team your team

We handle it all, from survey creation and in-depth reporting to turning the research into real benefits for you. Tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver.

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NBRI surveys give businesses a competitive edge, forming a clear path to profit improvement. Reach out today for more information — we are here to help.

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