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Customer Experience

A Fortune 500 retailer contacted NBRI to assist them with a particularly critical customer experience program. The client had recently acquired the assets and operations of an international Fortune 500 retailer and was concerned how this acquisition might impact customer satisfaction and customer service.

One of the key concerns was that each operation had different definitions of excellent customer service and how this customer service should be delivered. To reconcile some of these differences, the focus turned toward understanding what actual customers expected from their retailer as well as how the ideal customer experience might differ across regions, countries, and continents.

NBRI designed and deployed several customer surveys in 14 different languages, collecting enough responses to achieve valid data for all regions (with a 95% confidence level and a 5% sampling error), and ran ClearPath Analytics to identify key customer concerns. Data analysis revealed that the desired customer experience did differ across regions. While this was anticipated, the data here offered indisputable proof; proof that was an essential prerequisite to the development of training programs and marketing strategies.

NBRI recommended that the results of the survey should be communicated to all employees and training should occur at two levels: at the corporate level to emphasize commonalities and ensure consistency in the quality of service across all regions, and at the regional level by regional personnel to ensure employee behaviors aligned with the expectations of the area’s customer group.

Both the findings and recommendations were presented to corporate management. An action plan was then implemented to ensure the company would be able to consistently deliver high quality customer service to its existing and future customers.

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