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Customer Survey Questions

Developing the question database for your customer survey is the first and most important step in your survey research study. Question database development begins with internal questions of: What do I need to know? and How will I take action on the data once I receive it?

The example question template below provides a glimpse into the questions your customer survey might include.

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My purchase orders are submitted using the:
My orders are processed in a timely manner.
My purchase orders are accurately processed.
ABC Company communications keep me well informed about the status of my orders.
The amount of communication I receive from ABC Company is:
ABC Company publishes a free monthly magazine called "Updates." At present, I am:
ABC Company personnel are friendly.
ABC Company personnel are responsive to my requests.
ABC Company personnel are knowledgeable.
ABC Company personnel are helpful.
ABC Company listens to its customers.
ABC Company is responsive to customer needs.
I have confidence in the ABC Company brand.
It is easy to do business with ABC Company.
ABC Company's services are good values.
ABC Company provides quality services.
ABC Company is a leader in its field.
Overall, I am satisfied with ABC Company.
I would recommend ABC Company to others.
If there is any issue on which you would like to comment, whether addressed by this survey or not, please use the space provided.

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