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Survey questions are most often statements and by far the most popular rating scale asks respondents to rate their agreement with the statements.

For each of the following pairs of statements, select the one with the best wording such that it will not contaminate the response, or select “no difference” if you believe they are equally well-worded.

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The correct answer is: "The company listens to its customers."
We should only ask about customer complaints if we know a customer has lodged one. If we ask this question of everyone, it may insinuate that complaints are likely or probable. It's better to gauge the company's willingness to listen, which is applicable to all respondents.
The correct answer is: "I am more interested in shopping at the company after receiving a coupon flyer."
This is a choice between a good question and a better question. Asking if the flyer is valuable provides good information. However, if we want to know whether the flyer impacts customer behavior by driving customers to our doors, then it is better to ask if they are more interested in shopping after receiving a flyer.
The correct answer is: "The company delivers its services on time."
The use of strong terms such as "never" in the bad question should be avoided because it is polarizing. There will inevitably be a few times that standards slip in every organization. The phrasing of this question invites respondents to place a disproportionate focus on these rare occurrences.
The correct answer is: "The company provides good value for the money."
Respondents may not know the overhead costs asked about in the bad question. This question may also unnecessarily highlight overhead costs - if customers perceive these as being low, they may feel they should receive a price break.
The correct answer is: "I would like to continue doing business with the company."
Both of these questions ask about intentions, but the bad question 'boxes' the respondent in by asking definitively what they 'will' do. There could be unpredictable factors outside of respondents' control that may impact their likelihood of repeat business. Thus, a negative response may have nothing to do with the company itself.
The correct answer is: "Sales representatives respond to my requests in a timely manner."
The bad question is double-barreled, as it singles out two different groups that have the potential to be evaluated very differently. Customers may feel that sales representatives are really responsive, but customer service representatives are not. The bad question should be broken out into two separate questions. One to address sales representatives and one to address customer service representatives.
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