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Survey Comment Reports

NBRI comment reports contain verbatim responses to open-ended survey questions.

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Get the most from open-ended questions

A survey might include one or more open-ended questions to identify any missing themes that should be included in future surveys. For instance, “Benefits” may be a common theme, and “Health Insurance” may be an important aspect of the theme that the survey didn’t include.

Qualitative data

Qualitative data

Comments and words are qualitative data, meaning they don’t represent the thinking of an entire population. Unfortunately, companies often mistake non-representative survey comments for hard data and risk being persuaded by them.

The danger lies in the psychology of repetition. When the human brain is exposed to information as little as three times, it starts to register the information as fact.

For example, a company might receive 1,000 comments from a survey of employees or customers. If respondents mention the same issue three, ten, or 20 times, management will have the impression that the issue is a widely-held fact within the organization. Actually, it is the opinion of so few as to not even warrant discussion.

NBRI recommends text analytics reports to avoid being misled by spurious information.

Text analytics reports

Text analytics reports

Text Analytics Reports are generated using artificial neural networking and managed machine learning to extract the most meaningful information from responses to open-ended questions. These responses undergo sentiment and word frequency analysis to identify the highest impact themes and determine the ratios of positive, negative, and neutral/mixed comments for each theme.

This analysis — along with the comment reports — provides color and context to the hard data found in the data reports and executive summaries.

Reports tailored for your needs

Reports tailored for your needs

Upon request, we can remove proper names and profanity from the verbatim comment reports. Comments may also be sorted by any demographic available in the data reports, such as division, business unit, or department.

Reach out today for more information on how we use survey reports to turn data into results.

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