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Survey questions are most often statements and by far the most popular rating scale asks respondents to rate their agreement with the statements.

For each of the following pairs of statements, select the one with the best wording such that it will not contaminate the response, or select “no difference” if you believe they are equally well-worded.

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The correct answer is: "I believe the staff provide quality patient care."
The bad question is phrased in a way that suggests negativity and leads people to be more critical of performance. It is also somewhat ambiguous - is the poor treatment professional or personal? The alternative question offers a sharper definition of what it means to be treated well.
The correct answer is: "Clinic staff are attentive to my needs."
Asking whether the clinic is understaffed in the bad question is outside the scope of patient perceptions. There could be sufficient staff, but they may be inattentive. Finding out if staff is attentive to patient needs is at the real heart of understanding their experience.
The correct answer is: "I would refer a friend or family member to this facility."
People may indicate they are unwilling to return to the facility when using the bad question because they do not anticipate wanting or needing additional surgery. It's better to ask if they would give positive word of mouth to the organization, because this helps us understand how our reputation is perceived in real time.
The correct answer is: "Physicians conduct themselves in a professional manner."
The bad question is double-barreled, as it singles out two different groups that have the potential to be evaluated very differently. Patients may feel that nurses conduct themselves professionally, but doctors do not. The bad question should be broken out into two separate questions. One to address doctors and one to address nurses.
The correct answer is: "I am satisfied with the treatment I received."
This is a choice between a good question and a better question. If some treatments are routine and patients have the ability to form expectations, the bad question could be of benefit. Often, patients will not know what to fully expect in a medical treatment, and for this reason, it may be better to assess satisfaction levels.
The correct answer is: "The clinic is ethical."
The bad question is too ambiguous, "good" could mean ethical and moral, or it could mean good at what the clinic does. There is ambiguity around this terminology, which is resolved when we say "ethical."
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